Chasse Building Team Celebrates 100 Days of ICAN Folley Park Facility Construction & BCA Companies Making ICAN Green

With 100 days into the construction if ICAN’s new 21,000 square foot facility, Chasse Building Team hosted a celebratory luncheon on February 9 for ICAN staff, board members, and more at the future site of ICAN! The luncheon allowed those connected to ICAN and the City of Chandler to take a tour of the facility and see the space ICAN will have to expand. Construction began in September 2011 with each week showing significant progress as the building began to take shape. Now the official ribbon cutting ceremony has a date and will happen on Thursday, May 10, 2012! We thank Chasse Building Team for hosting the luncheon and sharing in the excitement of what the new facility will mean to youth and the community!

The end result of ICAN’s new facility will produce an environmental benefit beyond just the ability to serve more of the community. The building itself was designed by BCA Companies to be “green” and energy efficient in all major aspects of a sustainable site and building including water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, indoor environmental quality and innovation and design process. With the construction of the facility, local vendors and contractors are being used to lower emissions and all walls will include post-recycled materials. High energy cost savings will occur thanks to special insulation used, natural lighting throughout to save on electrical costs, solar reflective roofs will be used to decrease heat absorption, and energy-efficient thermometers and plumbing fixtures will be installed. Further, all materials inside the building, including paint and carpets, are specialized to prevent the emission of toxic fumes.

Make sure to join us as we celebrate the next step for ICAN and a positive future for our community!

Save The Date – ICAN Ribbon Cutting
Thursday, May 10, 2012
650 E. Morelos St.
Chandler, AZ 85225