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Volunteers Are One of the Keys to ICAN’s Success

With up to 200 youth a day attending ICAN, individual and group volunteers play a key role in the successful implementation of our after-school programs.  We are looking for dedicated volunteers to partner with us to support at-risk youth as they learn to navigate the pressures of childhood – from gang involvement, to substance abuse, to criminal activity.  With a focus on learning respect for self and others as well as building self-confidence through evidenced-based and youth enrichment curriculum, ICAN volunteers join with staff to provide a safe, interactive and educational environment.




Partnering Opportunities at ICAN (click link to read job descriptions):



Special Events


We are accepting volunteer applications for Quarter 2. 

Quarter 1 schedule is closed. 

To get started, click on the links to submit your volunteer application:



Individual volunteers are on-boarded quarterly. After you submit your application you will be contacted a week before the next scheduled orientation by our Philanthropy Coordinator.

2019/2020 Quarterly Orientation Dates

  • FULL Summer   –  May 22nd, 2019 -4- 5:30 pm – Application due by May 15th, 2019- Summer starts June 3rd
  • Quarter 1  –  July 31st, 2019- 3- 4:30 pm – Application due by July 24th, 2019 – Quarter starts August 5th
  • Quarter 2  –  September 26th, 2019  -4- 5:30 pm – Application due by September 18th, 2019 – Quarter starts October 15th 
  • Quarter 3  –  December 18th, 2019 -4- 5:30 pm – Application due by December 11th, 2019 – Quarter starts January 7th
  • Quarter 4  –  March 4th, 2020 -4- 5:30 pm – Application due by February 26th, 2020 – Quarter starts March 24th

For more information or questions about volunteering at ICAN

    • For individual volunteer interests contact ICAN’s Volunteer Coordinator, Becky Hinds at (480)-874-7578 or Becky@icanaz.org


  • For group volunteer opportunities contact ICAN’s Philanthropy Manager, Raven Jordan at (480) 874-7580 or Raven@icanaz.org.


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