ICAN Youth Fundraiser for New Facility Challenges Staff to “Kiss the Pig”

ICAN youth came together this week to hear the announcement of a fundraising competition between our color groups (which are based on grade level) that could ultimately lead to an ICAN staff “Kiss the Pig.” During the assembly, the guest of honor was Charlotte the pig, to get the youth excited about having their chosen staff “Kiss the Pig.”

Each youth in one of the four ICAN color groups received a change tube to collect from family, friends, and more toward their group goals of $100. If each color group reach their goal, their chosen ICAN staff must “Kiss the Pig” at the end of April once the competition ends. If the youth, as a whole, collect at least $400, then ICAN’s CEO, Becky Jackson, and Director of Programs, John, will also be joining in “Kissing the Pig.” The competition ends April 30, so stay tuned to see who ends up having to kiss Charlotte…we hope the youth make ALL their goals and EVERYONE has to! Feel free to stop by and contribute to our youth’s fundraising efforts 🙂

The fundraising competition is part of the Only ICAN Capital Campaign to raise money for ICAN’s new Folley Park facility that is being constructed. It gives the youth a chance to make a contribution and take ownership of the new facility that will offer them 3x as much space as the current facility with 21,000 square feet! There will be 6 classrooms, half-gym, teen center, library, and more…the facility also allows ICAN to provide programs that prevent youth substance abuse, gang activity, and juvenile delinquency to 55% more youth.

Here are the staff each color group chose:

Yellow (Grades K-1): Shelby, Director of Resource Development
White (Grades 2-3): Meghann, Prevention Specialist Lead
Orange (Grades 4-5): Heidi, Youth Program Manager
Green/Purple (Grades 6-12): Alfredo, Prevention Specialist
Overall $400+ Goal:  Becky, CEO/John, Director of Programs