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These programs encourage parents to explore and strengthen family values, family bonding, and positive parenting skill to decrease family conflict. Parent programs allow parents to explore their discipline options, methods of building a solid support system in their home, and their family’s communication strategies. ICAN also provides a free and nutritious dinner to participating families in the parenting program.

To find out more information about Family & Parenting Programs and how you can get involved, contact ICAN’s Family Programs Coordinator at (480) 874.7593 or

Why attend?

ICAN’s family and parenting programs are changing the way youth and families look at the potential that exist for their future. Through the delivery of these key programs, ICAN has seen improvement in the following skills:

  • Effective conflict resolution strategies, parent/child communication strategies
  • Family management skills, anger management skills, child self-esteem and self-discipline
  • Family bonding, positive family/parent/child interactions
  • Knowledge of the risk and harms of underage alcohol and substance abuse
  • Social and emotional support through self-reflection and peer-to-peer learning.
  • Active participation in environmental strategies through the Chandler Coalition on Youth Substance Abuse (CCYSA)

Programs for Parents and Families

Strengthening Families and Communities

In this program, parents have opportunities to learn and practice effective conflict resolution and discipline measures with their children, which will help them to have more opportunities to build family values and bond with their children. This program is proven to increase parent sense of competence, positive parent/child interaction, build child self-esteem and social competency skills, and increase parental involvement in community activities. The program meets once a week for twelve 2.5 hrs. sessions in a comfortable and friendly environment and provides opportunity for parents to share and learn with other parents.

Adult Peer Leadership program

In this program, participants have opportunities to increase their knowledge of the risks and harms of underage substance abuse, as well as strategies to talk to youth about them. Additionally, participants learn about the Chandler Coalition on Youth Substance and they have opportunities to get involved in underage substance abuse prevention through different activities in the community, including community education presentations, social marketing, and awareness raising projects. The program meets once a month for 1-hr sessions at ICAN and at different elementary schools in the downtown Chandler area.

Parent Café

This program provides a safe, comfortable setting where parents can participate in self-reflection and peer-to-peer learning. Each month a different topic is presented related and parents gather in small groups and explore questions that really matter to them about self-care, raising strong children, and building strong relationships with their children. Parent Café sessions allows parents to express concerns or fears, ask questions, and clarify values and beliefs in a supportive setting. Information presented and supported offered within the group helps parents to feel positive social support and provide encouragement to their peers. The program meets once a month for a 2 hrs. sessions at ICAN.

Me and My Family Nights

This program provides youth and families with a forum for facilitated family interaction and fun. Family members are able to interact positively with one another and among other families in a friendly, neutral environment. The program incorporates a family arts activity coupled with a prevention lesson plan. Each session has a different topic, but all are intended to provide families with opportunities to develop and practice leadership skills, and increase family cohesion and bonding. The program meets once a month for a 2-hrs, sessions at ICAN and includes dinner.

Family Events

ICAN provides events for families to engage in that promote positive family bonding, activities for the whole families, food, entertainment and prizes. Family events include:

  • Salsa Night: This event provides families the opportunity to participate in a homemade salsa contest. All the attendants will enjoy and vote for the three best salsas. Family games and activities are organized for families to interact together. Dinner is offered providing a great opportunity to enjoy a meal as a family while having fun and getting to know other families in their community. Please review programs calendar for date and time for this event.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner: Every year, ICAN’s courtyard is transformed into a special place with the perfect environment for families to celebrate living in a great community. ICAN’s Thanksgiving Dinner is a unique event because brings families together from different ethnic/cultural orientation that represents Chandler’s unique diversity, history and heritage. Additionally, families have the opportunity to meet and interact with other community members, including police officers, city officials and other volunteers in a very casual setting. This event provides the perfect environment to promote a sense of community and strengthen family values.
  • Wellness Fair: This event provides Families with a fun, interactive opportunity to learn about services and resources available in the community that promote healthy lives. Games, activities and youth performances are organized for all families to enjoy.

Current Schedule

Strengthening Families and Communities

  • Weekly 2.5 hrs. sessionsfacilitated at differentlocations in the Chandler area. Meals and childcare of kids 3 years and olderprovided. Groupsfacilitated in English or Spanish. Pleasecall 480-874-7593 or email for dates and times.

Adult Peer Leadership program

  • Monthly 1- hr. sessionsfacilitated at differentlocations in the Chandler area. Pleasecall 480-874-7593 or email for dates and times. Sessionsfacilitated in both English and Spanish.

Parent Café

  • Fourth Wednesday of every month (with the exception of December, June and July), from 8:30 – 10:30 am at ICAN. Sessions facilitated in both English and Spanish.

Me and My Family Nights

  • First Wednesday of the month, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at ICAN, facilitated in SPANISH*
  • Second Wednesday of the month, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at ICAN, facilitated in ENGLISH*

*There are NO Me and My Family Nightsduring SEPTEMBER, NOVEMBER, MARCH, JUNE AND JULY duefamilyevents and summerprograms.

Family Events: ICAN will be closed for regular afterschool programs on these dates

    • Salsa Night: Third Wednesday of September, from 5:00 – 7:00 pm
    • Thanks giving Dinner:Third Wednesday of November, 5:30 – 7:30 pm
    • WellnessFair: Fourth Wednesday of March, from 5:00 – 7:00 pm

*Dates/times subject to change. Please call 480-821-4207 to confirm.

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Q- How can I register to ICAN parentingprograms?

A- The only program that requires registration is the Strengthening Family Program. Program registration closes after the 3rd program session. Please contact Family Program Coordinator at 480-874-7493 or for more information and/or to register to this program. All the other family and parent in programs are open to the community and do not require registration.

Q- Do mychildrenhave to be ICAN members in orderfor me to participate in thefamily and parentingprograms?

A- No, ICAN family and parenting programs are open to the community, notjust to ICAN families.

Q- How much does it cost to participate in the ICAN parenting and family programs?

A- All ICAN programs are totally free of charge.

Q- Do I need to RSVP to participate in any of the ICAN family events?

A- You do not have to RSVP unless your child is attending ICAN’s after school programs the day of the event and uses ICAN’s transportation. In that case, please call the front office to inform that you will be joining your children for the event, so they do not get dropped off at home that night.
Additionally, please remember that all family events are open to the community. You do nothave to RSVP to attend an event, but please plan to arrive on time. Food and materials are giving to families on the first come first serve basis.

Q- Can my children participate in the ICAN family events alone?

A- No, all children must be accompanied by at least one adult family member during all family events.

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