ICAN welcomes 250 children after school every day, along with day-long programs throughout the summer. ICAN doesn’t just provide a safe place for kids to go, they focus on building character and strengthening life skills for these youth as they grow up. ICAN’s nationally-accredited program empowers youth to become productive, self-confident and responsible members of the community through four focus areas: Youth Development, Education, Healthy Lifestyles and Job Skills.Every 26 seconds a child drops out of school

Transportation to ICAN is provided within a service area that includes 10 area schools. To learn how you can enroll your child at ICAN and to see a current schedule and more detailed information, click here.

ICAN Youth Registration Information

Youth can be registered in person at the ICAN Lon E. Hoeye Youth Center at 650 E. Morelos Chandler (Monday-Friday between 10am-6pm). Parents of any new youth to ICAN are required to attend a short orientation in English or Spanish, with dates available weekly.

For any questions contact ICAN’s Senior Vice President of Programs & Community Impact at (480) 874-7591 or

Download and print the registrations forms here:

Membership Application English

Aplicación de Membresía en Español

Substance Abuse & Gang Prevention

ICAN provides nationally recognized programs proven effective to develop the core social competencies among youth that prevent substance abuse, gang violence, and juvenile delinquency. These programs are demonstrated to be cost effective in preventing the future need for behavioral health and correctional services. Youth participating in ICAN’s prevention programs will show a 10% increase in social competencies.

Daily Homework Help & Academic Assistance

Providing curriculum based education programs and homework assistance/tutoring increases positive attitudes towards school, while reducing a child’s likelihood of engaging in self-destructive and delinquent behaviors. ICAN’s educational programs are needed to promote and sustain educational success. We are committed to providing our youth with learning experiences that will engage them in the acquisition of skills, which will support their development and academic performance.

Social & Leadership Development

At ICAN, we help youth develop life skills to balance school, family and often work responsibilities in a way that is smart, healthy and safe. In ICAN programs, youth develop social competencies related to positive decision-making, resiliency skills, communication skills, conflict resolution skills, and many others essential life skills.

Health, Nutrition & Fitness

Today nearly one in three youth is overweight. ICAN’s Healthy Lifestyles programs promote health and wellness by focusing on physical activity and healthy food choices for the prevention of diseases. The purpose of our Healthy Life Styles initiative is to integrate the health-related issues into the lives of our youth with a view toward changing behaviors of those within our programs.

Job Skills Development

In the ICAN target community, the unemployment rate is 70% higher than in all of Chandler.ICAN provides opportunities to develop the necessary job skills, leadership skills, and teamwork abilities to become independent, productive and self sufficient members of our community. Our youth are faced with multiple challenges and we are committed to providing our youth opportunities to develop the necessary skills to meet these challenges and break the cycle of unemployment and poverty through our comprehensive job skills programs for teens.

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