Community Needs

A Community in Need

ICAN tailors its programs to tackle substance abuse, gang involvement and juvenile delinquency. These focus areas are determined from a local Community Needs Assessment.

Of 10 youth who live in the Downtown Chandler Area, you can expect to find:

    • 4 living in single-parent households
    • 7 living in extreme poverty, in households earning less than $25,000 per year for a family of four
    • 4 will go to bed hungry tonight
    • 8 will be using drugs or alcohol to cope with the harsh realities of the streets
    • 4 will not graduate high school
    • 2 will be gang affiliated by the age of 12

Community Challenges…

    • 9 rival gangs exist within the area
    • ICAN’s service area is the 4th riskiest Maricopa County community for youth.
    • Arizona has the 2nd largest rate of childhood obesity in the nation, with Latino and Native Americans (ICAN’s service population) making up the largest percentage of the obese youth in Arizona


ICAN’s programs focus on preventing the following community issues:


Click here to access the ICAN Needs Assessment
Click here to view ICAN’s Case for Support

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