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ICAN: Positive Programs for Youth in Chandler recently received a $40,000 grant from the Bank of America. The grant will support ICAN’s free afterschool programs, a social justice imperative that makes childcare accessible to all families. “The pandemic brought to light the critical need for free, quality childcare for working families,” stated Shelby Pedersen, ICAN CEO. “Our program is keeping parents employed and is supporting the academic and social emotional needs of a vulnerable youth population. Bank of America is a long-standing supporter of our programs, and their commitment is essential in helping us grow to reach more youth.” Across... Read More →


CHANDLER, AZ (MARCH 17, 2021) – ICAN: Positive Programs for Youth in Chandler recently received a $50,000 grant from Fiesta Bowl Charities. The grant will support ICAN’s free afterschool programs for at-risk youth, which have expanded in the midst of the pandemic. “Throughout a year of so much uncertainty, ICAN was able to not only persevere, but to grow and expand services,” stated Shelby Pedersen, ICAN CEO. “ICAN’s dynamic team of dedicated individuals adjusted and changed the program continually throughout the year, adapting to meet the needs of the community. The investment from Fiesta Bowl Charities is helping bring our... Read More →

Equity in Afterschool Access

The COVID 19 pandemic has caused substantial inequities among families living in poverty. The cost of childcare, along with access to quality childcare, is of great concern to many families. Even prior to the pandemic, the cost of childcare in AZ (along with 38 other states) for two children was more than a family’s mortgage payment (Child Trends, 2020).  This widening of inequities among concentrated communities of poverty hits close to home for us at ICAN, as these are the families we are serving. A new study by the Afterschool Alliance surveyed program providers across the country who represent over... Read More →

Combating Toxic Stress

ICAN recently held a training for our staff about ACE’s (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and TIC (Trauma Informed Care). Our Community Programs Manager, Ted Huntington, has been trained in these areas and (include certifications). The training was a great experience for our staff to learn more about ACE’s and TIC, not only how it impacts the youth that we serve, but to take a better look at how they handle stressful situations managing our youth. Also how they handle stressful situations in general, as everyone has triggers that impact them. ACE’s is the term given to describe all types of childhood... Read More →

Growing & Learning Through Play

Now that school is back in session, we are back to afternoons of children pouring through our doors. They all receive a healthy snack, and the first thing they want to do is have some free time to play. That’s how we start our day at ICAN – with an hour or so of free play, free choices where youth can do what they want. The power of play is a critical component of childhood development. Play creates opportunities for children to explore, connect, learn and grow. It’s difficult to find a clear-cut definition of play – but the growing... Read More →

Summer Learning Loss

Summer is quickly approaching, and youth are winding down their school year over the next few weeks. Here at ICAN, we are excited to welcome our youth to the center for full-day sessions, giving us more time to spend with them and offer a variety of learning and recreational options. Summer Learning Loss is a common phrase heard this time of year. Studies have shown that students can loose up to a quarter of their school-year learning over the summer. This gap is even greater for youth living in poverty. These youth have less resources to attend summer camps and... Read More →

Impact of Teen Vaping

January 31, 2019 Vaping has been a hot topic for parents and educators for some time now. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration recently declared e-cigarette use by young people a national epidemic. ICAN has become involved with this topic through the Chandler Coalition on Youth Substance Abuse (CCYSA), which is one of our programs. We have an incredible task force through CCYSA that is comprised of representatives from public safety, healthcare, education, city government, and many more. This group recently got together to produce an informative video about vaping. You can view the video here, but I thought it... Read More →

Resiliency Skills Training

November 19, 2018 Over the past couple of years ICAN has greatly expanded our life skills training into the schools. We reach 200 youth each day here at the ICAN building afterschool, but realized that we could reach so many more youth if we take some of our curriculum into the schools. One of those programs is our resiliency training. Resiliency skills are a critical component of our life skills training that we focus on at ICAN. The youth that attend ICAN predominately live in poverty and require strong resiliency skills to avoid the risky behaviors that are so prevalent... Read More →

The 5C’s of Positive Youth Development

August 29, 2018 Over the summer at ICAN, we spent a lot of time analyzing the program curriculum we are offering our youth members. We have to keep a careful balance in what we offer – having enticing activities that will attract youth to attend ICAN (and keep them coming once they do), and our evidence-based prevention programs that will teach youth life skills to break the culture of poverty that so many of them are living in. It can be very challenging to address such a wide variety of needs, without trying to be too many things to too... Read More →

Dad’s tragic loss inspired Chandler opioid help

From San Tan Sun News June 16, 2018 By Wayne Schutsky   Opiate addiction is a nationwide epidemic that claimed over 40,000 lives in 2016, and Gilbert father Randy Melle knows first-hand that the casualties of those overdoses are not the only victims. Each death leaves behind family members and friends who must figure out how to heal and move on following these tragic events. Melle is one those surviving victims. He lost his son Adam to a heroin overdose in 2016 – a mere 18 hours after Adam had arrived home from a month-long treatment program. As a board... Read More →

Building Bridges to High School

May 8, 2018 Shelby Pedersen, CEO, ICAN: Positive Programs for Youth Many parents know that middle school can be a nerve-wracking few years. So much growth and change occur with youth as they transition to high school – they transform into young adults right before your eyes. At ICAN, we see this transition among youth in our afterschool program all the time. We also see the struggles that their parents face with this transition. Our program team works with our parents in a variety of ways each month – focusing on positive parenting skills and communication with youth. They decided... Read More →

The Whole Brain Child

February 22, 2018 Shelby Pedersen CEO, ICAN: Positive Programs for Youth Ever wonder why a toddler throwing a temper-tantrum simply cannot snap out of it? It’s called an amygdala highjack – one part of the brain has highjacked the other and taken over. As a parent of a toddler I know, first-hand, how frustrating these situations can be. Parents often experience a disconnect between our long-term goals for our kids (finding fulfillment, experience loving relationships, finding success) and surviving in the day-to-day chaos of raising children. We go into “survival” mode – just getting through each day and leaving those... Read More →

October is National Substance Abuse Awareness Month

October is National Substance Abuse Prevention Month, a great opportunity to focus on equipping our youth and empowering them to navigate one of the greatest high-risk challenges they face. Education on the risks and dangers of drugs is an important part of the equation, however, for more of a wrap-around strategy we need to help encourage our youth to internalize positive core character values, learn and practice healthy coping skills, and develop a positive attitude & mindset for building resiliency to overcome their challenges and stay on course. ICAN has been giving youth the opportunity to internalize healthy/positive choices, coping... Read More →

The Power of Positivity

September 1, 2017 Shelby Pedersen CEO, ICAN: Positive Programs for Youth Positivity can be a very powerful tool with youth. Positive reinforcements are a great way to instill encouraging, optimistic feelings. At ICAN, we work with youth who deal with many struggles in their daily lives. This can lead to sizeable behavioral issues and the natural tendency for most adults is to “penalize” children for poor behavior. This may show up as yelling, lecturing, or other negative reactions. We take a different approach with these youth – with all of our youth. Our staff uses purposeful, positive statements with youth... Read More →

Summer Fun for ICAN Youth

ICAN: Positive Programs for Youth wrapped up a summer of fun activities with the close of the summer session on July 21st. ICAN’s summer programming is supported by the Arizona Community Foundation. Youth at ICAN enjoyed daily activities including art, computers, structured sports, STEM learning activities and a reading program through ICAN’s library. The DPR School of Construction was a highlight of the summer, 50 ICAN youth attended this field trip, in its third year. Youth learned all about the field of construction and the many types of jobs opportunities in that field. They built little libraries in groups and... Read More →

STEM Camp Inspires ICAN Girls

STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and has been a hot topic in education for some time. There is a critical shortage of students entering technical fields nationally, and females and underrepresented minorities are not joining these fields anywhere near their potential percentages – only 19% of women graduate with a bachelor’s in engineering or computer science, and inside that number, only 2% are Hispanic. Current enrollment figures show no trend of improvement – girls are opting out of STEM fields at an early age. Meanwhile, the U.S. faces 2.4 million unfilled STEM jobs by 2018, so there is... Read More →

Arizona Ranks 46th for Kids’ Well-Being, with a Cloudy Future

By Joe Garcia Communication Director ASU Morrison Institute for Public Policy June 21, 2017 It’s tough being a kid. For a variety of reasons, that’s especially true in Arizona. Arizona ranks among the bottom five in the nation in the 2017 KIDS COUNT Data Book, a yearly analysis of 16 indicators regarding children’s health, family and economic well-being. Arizona always does poorly in the national report, which is commissioned by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, so perhaps no one will be surprised by Arizona’s 46th overall rating. Some data points (Arizona versus U.S.) from the recently released study: KIDS COUNT... Read More →

Culture of Volunteerism

by Shelby Pedersen CEO – ICAN: Positive Programs for Youth ICAN wrapped up our Volunteer Appreciation Week a few weeks ago and I was again reminded of how volunteers truly are the lifeblood of what we do. We simply could not provide the services that we do without our volunteers. ICAN recently went through the process of becoming a Service Enterprise through the Arizona Governor’s Office and Points of Light – in fact, we were the first organization in the state of Arizona to do so. Points of Light is the world’s largest organization dedicated to volunteer service – they... Read More →

How to Talk to Your Teens about Alcohol

April is Alcohol Awareness Month, so we are sharing some important information about teens and alcohol, courtesy of the Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family HOW TO START THE CONVERSATION Great job. You’ve decided to talk, and that’s often the hardest part. The next step is to think about underage drinking as an ongoing conversation. That way you don’t have to worry about being perfect or covering everything all at once. Start by asking your teen’s opinion. Let your teen share what she thinks about alcohol. Let her know this is a safe environment – that she can be... Read More →

Reducing the Stigma of Drug Abuse to Achieve Great Results

Commentary by Chandler City Councilmember Terry Roe In the 1980’s and early 1990’s, Nancy Reagan worked with the American people to fight drug abuse with a campaign slogan of “Just Say No.” During this time, I was busy working in law enforcement on hundreds of investigations that often had one thing in common, drug or alcohol misuse. While reviewing report after report, it also became clear that the abuse of drugs or alcohol not only impacted individuals, but it also hurt their families and the community as a whole. Fast-forward to 2017 and it is clear that the challenge of... Read More →

Raising Resilient Kids

ICAN works with nearly 300 youth every day who come from backgrounds of disadvantage. These kids deal with poverty, crime, family loss and so many situations that most of us will never face. We focus on helping to build their self-confidence, teach them social-emotional skills and give them the tools to build their resiliency so they can break the cycle of poverty. These “prevention” skills, as we call them, are the core program ICAN provides. It helps our youth avoid substance abuse, gang involvement and juvenile delinquency. But these skills are practical for all kids, regardless of their family circumstances... Read More →

Chandler PD – Part of Our Roots

ICAN is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year. Twenty-five years of serving Chandler’s most at-risk youth with programs that teach them real-life skills to set a track for their future. We have enjoyed many amazing partnerships over the course of those 25 years, but none quite as special as the one we have with the Chandler Police Department. Chandler PD was there right from the beginning. When Henry Salinas, a concerned resident, took it upon himself to start working with teens and keep them off the street, he sat down with the police chief. He not only got their blessing, he got... Read More →

ICAN Expands Parenting Resources

ICAN has done a phenomenal job with providing well-rounded programs to the families of our youth along with outside families throughout our community. Recently, we have decided to expand these programs by offering additional days and times for our Parenting Workshops here at ICAN in hopes more  ICAN parents becoming more involved with all ICAN has to offer. More specifically, these workshops will be geared to parents of youth attending our Junior High and High School after school programs. As teens mature, they are faced with more difficulties and stressors in life which may lead them to lash out against... Read More →

Summer Learning Tips for Parents

Summer is officially upon us and the biggest worry for teachers is the summer slide. A 2013 survey of 500 teachers by the National Summer Learning Association showed that nearly 66 percent reported needing TO DEVOTE 3-4 WEEKS TO REVIEWING OR RE-TEACHING THE SAME MATERIAL at the beginning of the school year that their students had learned the previous spring. Another 24 percent reported spending 5 WEEKS OR MORE backtracking before deciding it was safe to proceed to new terrain. This means that during a 40-week academic calendar, teachers have to spend more than 10 percent of it pulling their... Read More →

Mental Health – Children & Teens

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This infographic is from NAMI – the National Alliance on Mental Illness, shedding light on how mental illness affects so many, even youth and teens. For more information and to learn how you can help spread the word, click here. Source:    ... Read More →

Talking to Your Teen about Underage Drinking

By Halley McIntyre, Program Manager, Mothers Against Drunk Driving An ounce of preparation, as Ben Franklin so wisely noted, truly is worth a pound of cure.  This fundamental idea is never more important than when it comes to our kids.  The conversations we have with them early, and often, can have a huge impact on the decisions they make later in life, and help to shape to their entire future. One of the most important places to put this into practice is when it comes to conversations about underage drinking.  It’s vital to be able to talk with your children about... Read More →

When Teenagers + Dating = Violence and Abuse!

By Nicole Bruno, MSW, MPA February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. One third of all teens in the U.S. is a victim of physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner. Dating is an important milestone in a teenager’s life. But what happens when dating goes wrong and violence occurs in the relationship? Teen dating violence crosses all racial, ethnic, gender, religious, and socioeconomic statuses. Anyone, anywhere, can be affected. It is a social pandemic that, if not controlled and stopped, will continue to prevail and hurt all communities. More and more teenagers are entering... Read More →

ICAN: Teaching Gratitude to Those in Need

Our youth at ICAN face many harsh realities each day – living in poverty, surrounded by crime. It’s a tough way to grow up and we do our best to create a nurturing environment at ICAN to give youth the skills to make good choices for themselves. These kids come to ICAN for free, and each holiday season they get the chance to feel pretty special. Special because our generous community throws them holiday parties and gives them gifts. This is a wonderful thing, but our prevention specialists noticed something interesting a couple of holidays ago – a sense of... Read More →

PayPal Chandler Hosts Holiday Party for ICAN Youth

On Thursday, December 17th, ICAN youth enjoyed their annual Holiday Youth Party. The party was sponsored by PayPal Chandler. Youth enjoyed 5 tons of REAL SNOW – many seeing snow for the very first time. There was even a giant sledding hill! Youth also made gingerbread houses, had a marshmallow war, made ornament necklaces and of course, participated in reindeer games! PayPal Chandler underwrote the entire event, along with providing employee volunteers as well as donating more than 400 holiday toys/gifts for ICAN youth “At PayPal Chandler, we encourage our employee champions to come together to make a difference in... Read More →

Ten Years Celebrating Thanksgiving Together

Thanksgiving Dinner has become my favorite event over the last 7 years I have been part of ICAN.   Not only because I have learned to appreciate this tradition in my personal life, but mostly, for what it represents in our community: sense of belonging. As many of the families we get to serve every day here at ICAN, my experience celebrating Thanksgiving Dinner has been a learned tradition that has become part of our lives.   Chandler families have a mixture of several different ethnic and cultural orientations that represents its unique diversity, history and heritage.   The ICAN thanksgiving dinner provides... Read More →


A recent grant award to ICAN: Positive Programs for Youth from Walmart will support the organization’s Healthy Lifestyles program. 89% of youth at ICAN qualify for the free and reduced lunch program at their schools. ICAN serves over 100,000 free, nutritious meals and snacks to youth each year. ICAN’s Health Lifestyles Program is designed to reduce hunger and educate youth on healthy living. Youth attending ICAN programs range from age 5 to 18. They live in low income neighborhoods and face a number of daily risk factors, including chronic poverty, hunger and food insecurity, health issues (including childhood obesity), poor... Read More →

Chandler “Call to Action” Highlights Rx Drug Abuse

The Chandler Coalition on Youth Substance Abuse (CCYSA), which is a program of ICAN, hosted a community “Call to Action” earlier this week regarding Prescription (Rx) Drug Abuse. I was shocked at the sobering statistics that were presented. There were 579 million class II-IV pills (painkillers) prescribed in AZ in 2014 – that’s enough to medicate every person in Arizona round-the-clock for two weeks straight. The Centers for Disease Control have classified Rx Drug Abuse as a national epidemic. So who is affected? For one, our youth – and Chandler is unfortunately higher than average. 7.6% of youth in Chandler... Read More →

Social Host Ordinance Passes in Chandler

Last night Chandler City Council voted unanimously to put into law the Social Host Ordinance. The ordinance was first given initial introduction on May 28 and the final vote took place last night for adoption of the law. ICAN’s Chandler Coalition on Youth Substance Abuse (CCYSA) was the driving force behind this new law. Many partners of CCYSA including community volunteers, Chandler Police and Mother’s Against Drunk Driving were involved in getting the ordinance written and approved. The Social Host Ordinance will be one more “tool” for Chandler Police to use in their fight again underage drinking. Homeowners will be... Read More →

Real Skills for Real Jobs

Here at ICAN, we have been focusing on youth for over 25 years. We provide a safe, free place for youth to come afterschool and provide them with real life skills and decision making tools. We work passionately to ensure that they all graduate from high school. But what happens after that? Off they go into “real life” and we hope for the best. This will not be the case anymore. ICAN is entering into a partnership with the Chandler Compadres to create the “ICAN Start Working” program. Does this mean more college scholarships? Not necessarily. College is a wonderful... Read More →

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month

As April is dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the myriad of volunteers who support non-profit organizations, I am happy to have the opportunity to share some of the many ways volunteers contribute to ICAN’s success.  We truly would not have the wonderful program we do, if it weren’t for our amazing and dedicated volunteers!  ICAN volunteers bring their smiles and hearts to everything they do, from the necessary yet sometimes tedious task of scanning old files to scooping green beans on 500+ plates for Thanksgiving Dinner!   Whether our volunteers are hiding Easter Eggs or setting up the gym for a... Read More →

Assessment Analyzes Needs of ICAN Community

Every two years, ICAN conducts a community needs assessment to ensure that high-quality programs are offered to empower youth to be productive, self-confident and responsible members of the community. The results of this assessment identify the current conditions of the community and provide direction and focus to the planning process of all ICAN programs. ICAN continues to serve a high percentage of families living in poverty, with an annual income of less than $15,000 for a family of four. More than a third of ICAN families are self-identified as “mother only”, no husband present. The target area is identified as... Read More →

Tracking Heroin’s Hold on Chandler

Hopefully many people across the state heard about and/or watched “Hooked: Tracking Heroin’s Hold on Arizona” on Tuesday, January 13th. The 30-minute documentary was produced by the Arizona State University Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and aired on all local stations through a partnership with the Arizona Broadcasters Association. I watched the documentary with fellow members of our Chandler community at City Hall and was just as shocked as many in the room by what I learned. If you missed it, visit The documentary brings to light a growing epidemic in our state which is heroin use. Law enforcement... Read More →

ICAN Addresses Homeless Youth Education

October 30, 2014 – Many Chandler teens are working to achieve their high school diplomas while faced with the barrier of being homeless. ICAN has been working to address this issue through new partnerships and programs. New data released last month from the National Center for Homeless Education reinforces the gravity of the situation and the importance of finding solutions. As great as this nation is we now have more homeless students living completely on their own, without parents or guardians, than ever before. It is shocking to learn that 1,285,182 students enrolled in public schools across our country were... Read More →

Happy People Create Effective Workplaces

Happy people create and maintain effective workplaces. It is a simple but powerful fact. In my 40-year career in the financial services industry and non-profit management, I have yet to see it fail. Beyond budgets, schedules, timelines and sales efforts, a happy and content staff can make any workplace dynamic. Success oriented workplaces recognize that employees are an organization’s greatest resource. Employees can make a critical difference in an organization’s ability to not only survive, but thrive. Our mission at ICAN is to empower youth to be responsible members of the community. Our focus is giving them the tools and... Read More →

A SMILING FACE OF ENCOURAGEMENT – ICAN’s Helen Jacobs And The Power Of Positivity

Article by Seth Conaway It’s 3:30 on a Wednesday afternoon, and volunteer Helen Jacobs is stepping onto the playground at ICAN. All around her swarms of children run about playing and laughing and soaking up the sun.  A wayward basketball sails by overhead. A girl darts through the crowd to give Jacobs a hug before disappearing once again into the sea of children. Another comes by to explain to Jacobs that she’s inventing a money sorter out of an empty tissue box. “That is so clever!” Jacobs exclaims, and the child is delighted. For many of these children, the positive... Read More →


Four out of ten Chandler teens that use prescription drugs to get high report they are getting them from the medicine cabinet of family and friends. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has classified prescription drug abuse as an epidemic. While there has been a marked decrease in the use of some illegal drugs like cocaine, data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) show that nearly one-third of people aged 12 and over who used drugs for the first time in 2009 began by using a prescription drug non-medically. Some individuals who misuse prescription drugs, particularly teens,... Read More →

ICAN Youth Take Field Trip to DPR School of Construction

   On June 18th, 50 kids from Chandler’s ICAN, Positive Programs for Youth along with 50 kids from Future for Kids (FFK) were treated to a field trip at DPR Construction in Phoenix. Themed “DPR School of Construction,” the kids participated in a four-hour interactive learning experience that was developed locally by DPR employee and community service leader Timothy Hyde, and executed by over 25 DPR employees who volunteered their time. DPR staff welcomed the kids and kicked off the afternoon with a brief talk from DPR Design Professional Jose Garcia.  Jose had humble beginnings and told the kids how... Read More →

ICAN partners with Operation Back to School Chandler to make Stuff the Bus Sponsored by Fulton Homes the Best Year Yet

ICAN is teaming up with “For our City” and “Stuff the Bus” at Chandler Fashion Center sponsored by Fulton Homes to collect back-to-school donations for disadvantaged youth. Join ICAN from June 6th through July 13th at Chandler Fashion Center to donate school supplies and basic school necessities that will go to elementary, middle school and high school-aged students in the Chandler area. This drive not only helps ensure that Chandler area students are ready to learn but that they also have the tools needed to succeed this upcoming school year. As in previous years, there is an actual full-sized school... Read More →

ICAN Wellness Fair 2014: Our Youth, Our Health, Our Community

          ICAN’s Wellness Fair was held on Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 with great success.  This is the second annual fair organized at ICAN to promote health and wellness among the ICAN families and the community. Around 40 families (more than 130 people) participated in this interactive event this year.  Each family received a “Healthy Roads Map” with the instruction to visit all 12 of the organizations that provided information and resources available to Chandler families that promote healthy lives.  Families received a stamp after talking and learning from each of the vendors.  All completed maps participated in... Read More →

ICAN and CCYSA Partner with Tempe and Mesa for Alcohol Awareness Month

April is Alcohol Awareness Month and ICAN is partnering with two East Valley organizations to help spread the word about alcohol and its dangers.  Alcohol use by youth is directly associated with traffic fatalities, violence, suicide, educational failure, alcohol overdose, unsafe sex and other problem behaviors. Annually, over 6,500 people under the age of 21 die from alcohol-related accidents and thousands more are injured. ICAN founded the Chandler Coalition on Youth Substance Abuse (CCYSA) in 2006 and continues to grow this critical program.  CCYSA addresses the issue of youth alcohol abuse through programs that include peer leadership, social marketing, community... Read More →

ICAN Chandler Named One of the Best Places to Work

  ICAN Chandler was recently named one of the “Best Places to Work” by the Phoenix Business Journal.  ICAN ranked 25th on the list for micro companies (companies with 10-49 employees).  A total of 125 local companies were recognized.   The list was compiled through a process where the Phoenix Business Journal works with a national research firm to survey, audit and rank companies after they self-nominate.  Employees of those companies are asked to complete an online survey that measures team effectiveness, trust in senior leaders, feeling valued, manager effectiveness, compensation, benefits and more.  Each nominee must reach a minimum... Read More →

Parents Beware! Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Can Set The Stage For Your Children’s Future

Most people, let alone most parents, are unaware of the hidden epidemic affecting over two-thirds of our community.  Yes, I said two-thirds.  In Arizona the ACE Consortium, a collaboration of over 100 individuals, state, county, and private agencies, have been working together for the last ten years to get the word out.  Beware parents, not only have most of you been infected with this invisible disease; but, your children have as well. The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study is one of the largest investigations ever conducted to assess associations between childhood maltreatment and later-life health and well-being.  The study was... Read More →

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

Bullying has become a world-wide epidemic. It seems that every day, you can find an article online related to bullying. Kids as young as 7 are taking their own lives because they feel there is no hope for the end. Just last month, a 15-year-old boy committed suicide because he was relentlessly picked on in high school. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2011), about 48% of youth in 6th-12th grades experience bullying. Of those that are victims, only 36% report the bullying to an adult. So how can you identify and intervene in bullying? Know the... Read More →

Halloween Decoration Sale Benefiting ICAN – September 28 & 29, 2013

Chandler-based nonprofit ICAN: Positive Programs for Youth is hosting a Halloween Decoration Sale on Saturday, September 28th from 10am to 5pm and Sunday, September 29th from 12pm to 4pm. The sale will be open to the public and include a large assortment of Halloween decorations in all price ranges and be held at the ICAN Lon E. Hoeye Youth Center at 650 E. Morelos Street in Chandler. To preview some of the items please visit  Credit cards will be accepted, but cash is a preferred payment method for faster checkout. “This limited sale is possible thanks to the strong support... Read More →

ICAN’s Partners With CCYSA To Provide Community Programs

To provide community programs, ICAN partners with the Chandler Coalition on Youth Substance Abuse (CCYSA). CCYSA strives to prevent youth substance abuse in Chandler through a variety of evidence-based programs designed to increase knowledge of youth substance abuse, promote social responsibility, and spur community action. Serving the 85225 zip code in Chandler, CCYSA has made great strides in bringing out positive results within the community. The vision is that Chandler will be a safe and healthy, drug-free community where opportunities exist for youth to achieve their full potential. The need is great for community awareness programs like those CCYSA provides... Read More →
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