ICAN upholds a unique model of accessibility to strengthen our impacts in the communities we serve. Our dedicated volunteers play a crucial role in our 30 years of meaningful connections in predominantly low-income neighborhoods. We are looking for the right people (ages 16 and up) to join us in providing safe, enriching programs for ICAN youth and families. As an individual or a group, there are multiple ways for you to get involved and inspire a brighter future – find which one sounds right for you!

**Please note: We continue to uphold very high standards of safety and sanitation during the Covid-19 pandemic as we begin to re-open our doors to volunteers. This process will move with caution, as the health and safety of our community is our top priority. We are so grateful for your interest in partnering with ICAN. As the vast majority of our volunteer work is in-person, please understand if we are unable to accept you as a volunteer at this time. Thank you for your support and patience. 

Volunteers and kids doing crafts

Are you interested in helping students understand why the moon has phases while building an interactive model? Do you want to help guide their process of critical thinking as they learn about static electricity? Do you have the skills to engage in conversations about healthy emotional development? You could be a fantastic match as a classroom volunteer! Classroom sizes typically range from 10-15 youth, with 18 as a maximum capacity. One staff member will always be present and leading the lesson plan.

Available Hours: 2:45-5:00 pm, Monday – Friday. (Note that the first hour of this timeframe is typically reserved for snack and outside play.)

This role has an expectation of consistency, as this is healthier for youth development as well as the function of the classroom as a whole. If you are looking for a one-time or occasional volunteer role, please see our other options listed below.

This is an excellent fit for those interested in pursuing careers related to education, psychology, and childhood development, or for past educators who are looking to put their skills and talents to use in a new environment!

Fridays are Club Days at ICAN, so the kids have an opportunity to pick from the available activities. This could look like hosting a sports clinic or a specialized STEAM activity for a group of approximately 15-18 youth. We encourage those who want to share their passion – be it basketball, watercolors, or coding – with the next generation of leaders. We may or may not be able to provide the supplies, but if it is an uncommon activity, we ask that you or your group/organization supply the required materials. We typically divide our club options into grades K-3 or 4-6. Our volunteer coordinator is available to help you plan a successful Club Friday!

Available Hours: 3:35-4:45, every Friday.

This is a perfect option for one-time or occasional volunteers who are ready to lead an hour-long activity.

While our “normal” events are still on hold, we do provide occasional, Covid-conscious alternatives to keep the celebration of holidays, special occasions, and family festivities alive! This work could look like helping to prep care packages for distribution, organizing food donations, or helping in the gathering or distribution of supplies.

Hours are not consistent. Please reach out to our volunteer coordinator if this role sounds right for you, and we can determine placements on a case-by-case basis.

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