Individual Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with ICAN! We are looking for upstanding individuals to support ICAN’s mission, youth, and staff through our volunteer program. To become a volunteer, you must first complete the following application. Upon review, our Youth Programs Coordinator will have a formal conversation with you to ensure your talents and abilities are an excellent fit for our program needs. Moving forward, you will be scheduled to attend one of our 3 annual Volunteer Orientations, and you will be expected to complete 3 online training modules prior to volunteering.

Applicants for the following volunteer positions are to utilize this form: After School Programs, Administrative Volunteer, Club Fridays Volunteer (Individual), Education-Based Presenter (Individual), and Special Events Volunteer (Individual).

Individual volunteers must be 16 years or older. We require a background check on all volunteers 18+ years of age. We will send you a Disclosure and Release form to turn in closer to your orientation date.

If you have any questions please contact Youth Programs Coordinator Shaila Homan at or (480) 821-4597.

NOTE: All information will remain confidential.

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